The Launch

• Toymania Compawas launched on the romanian market in 2006.

• Toymania a obtinut primul contract de exclusivitate de la firma Silverlit

• Silverlit are honored with international prizes, Picoo Z being registered in Guiness Book as the world lightest helicopter in the world.

• In Romania these products are the best selling radio-controlled products in hypermarkets and gas stations.

• Our product line has been diversified in the following months, by importing other radio-controlled products (cars, robots, X-treck and interactive games).

• Another important line in 2006 was Disney (puzzles, interactive games, character toys)

The Development

•2007  Toymania Company obtained an exclusive contract for the Strawberry Shortcake line from DIC Entertainment (toys produced by Playmates Company, cartoon & DVD).

•Promoted on Minimax, website , brochures in hypermarkets, toy shops and gas stations, this character suceeded to become the favourite one of  the aimed target (girls aged 4 to 8).

•Spiderman is one of the well-known and beloved characters for the boys target, aged 4 to 12. This is why we exclusively imported two games: Battle Dice + Battle Sliderz. Inside there were Marvel characters (Spiderman, Capitain America, Magneto, The 4 Fantastics…)

•They continued to be successfull because of these two movies: Hulk( released september 2008) si Spiderman III (released in 2007)

•For boys aged 3 to 12, we exclusively imported Happy Well line of products, including TRANZFORMER with the following licenses: Hummer, Lamborghini, Toyota, Corvette, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Ford.

•In 2008/2009 along with the already imported lines,  from Silverlit, Playmates, Happy Well, Lisciani Giochi,

•we’ve extended the collection of exclusive contracts with the following characters: Hello Kitty, Fireman Sam, Shaun The Sheep, plush,  wood, plastic and magnetic toys with Bob The Builder si Thomas, Struts (a trendy world combining girl’s prefered little horses and fashion design).

•we’ve developed our own logistic network, being able therefore to cover 100% of the distribution and promotion.

The Consolidation

•In 2010/2011,

 - for the boys:

  • we’ve diversified the radio-controlled product lines, the one of the planes and helicopters from Silverlit, a international licensed car line (Ferrari. Lamborghini, Porche, BMW, Mercedes-Bentz etc.) as well as by importing a Toymania own brand line
  • we’ve imported DIY metal/plastic construction sets, aiming a good development for the children manuality and creativity.

- for the girls:

  • we’ve broaden the Hello Kitty product line with new playsets, plushes ans accessories,
  • we’ve imported various animal-shaped pillow-plushes.

- for infants (0-3 yo):

  • we’ve introduced on the romanian market the innovating products under Oups/Silverlit license: Jojo the Rabbit and Mimi the Caterpillar.

In 2011, for some of these above products, commercials were difused on the following TV stations:  Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Antena 1, 2 and 3, TVR, and in 2012, we’ve added Disney Channel and Minimax.

The promotion for these lines was been made through our media partners, grown-up and children magazines: Gazeta Sporturilor, Strawberry Short Cake, In Galop, Scooby Doo

The Success

•The Company is managed by 3 Sales Managers, each one dealing with a market share (hypermarkets, gas station, private toy shops). They are being helped by a group of supervisors that are coordinating the merchandisers from hypermarkets.

•These ones are weekly instructed in the Company headquarters, in order to be able to provide the required information about the products and their apropriate use.

•The Toymania line includes over 200 products from which we are trying to choose along with every buyer, the category that suits better his own structure. The new lines we’ve created for this year were: for girls (a broad line of art&crafts playsets) and for boys (radio-controlled innovations, including products under Apple license, being able to be remotely controlled by smartdevices as iPhone, iPad) or by blue-tooth.

•Toymania products are to be found in all important hypermarkets in Romania: CARREFOUR, METRO, CORA Hypermarche, AUCHAN, REAL, PROFI, KAUFLAND, REWE, in the Helpnet Pharmacy line, in bookstores like CLB( Compania de Librarii Bucuresti) LIBRARIILE ALEXANDRIA, in ZASS PROTEUS, in hundreds of private toy shops and e-shops.

•Produsele Toymania se regasesc in lanturile de benzinarii: OMV, AGIP, ROMPETROL, LUK-OIL, PETROM.

•Every month we try to find ways to improve our turnover, by promotional offers, brochures of various structures we are present in, websites, a constant participation to romanian toys Fairs, and especially by the mean of our own website and e-shop.

•In term of turnover, the following numbers are speaking for themselves:

  • 2006: usd 250 000
  • 2007: usd 400 000
  • 2008: usd 780 000
  • 2009: usd 1 100 000
  • 2010: usd 1 800 000
  • 2011: usd 2 900 000
  • 2012: usd 4 600 000
  • 2013: we estimate usd 6 000 000